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Planet Earth is devastated by a terrible global war…

From the ashes of the old world, a group of brutal dictators came to power in all five continents, submitting the peoples and killing the opponents.

Only one man had the tools to counteract this reign of terror: the scientist Wackystein!

Wackystein worked day and night secretly in his laboratory to develop his deadly weapon…

…the only creatures able to defeat the powerful dictators…

The wonderful…



Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Teen Wackies.exe 24 MB
Teen Wackies.pck 222 MB
complete1.ogv 1 MB
complete1.ogv.import 276 bytes
complete3.ogv 2 MB
complete3.ogv.import 276 bytes
Definitivo.ogv 5 MB
Definitivo.ogv.import 279 bytes
Evilesky.ogv 10 MB
Evilesky.ogv.import 273 bytes
F2.ogv 167 kB
F2.ogv.import 255 bytes
Finale.ogv 28 MB
Finale.ogv.import 267 bytes
intro.ogv 13 MB
intro.ogv.import 264 bytes
Level3.ogv 16 MB
Level3.ogv.import 267 bytes
Level4.ogv 20 MB
Level4.ogv.import 267 bytes
Mission2.ogv 1 MB
Mission2.ogv.import 273 bytes
Prima.ogv 2 MB
Prima.ogv.import 264 bytes
Quarta2.ogv 2 MB
Quarta2.ogv.import 270 bytes
Seconda3.ogv 1 MB
Seconda3.ogv.import 273 bytes
Terza2.ogv 1 MB
Terza2.ogv.import 267 bytes

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